Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Last Post.....

I think the blog has run it's course and I've deiced to call it a day.
This will be my last post, It's been fun to do, but I've reached a stage where I need to step back and think of something new.

Thanks to all.... GH

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Smashing Start To 2009

Oh dear, saw 2008 out and 2009 in with a glass of Cava (Classy or what, the Buckfast was finished) in my favorite champagne flute (Which my Son and Daughter in Law bought me) My LSD and I had watched the fireworks over our city and I did comment "Gone are the days (Thank God) were I use to wait on hearing the first explosion of the new year" How wonderful it is now (And has been for a lot of years) were the only bangs we hear are from fireworks.... Getting back to the Cava, I had just finished and set my flute (Champagne) on the table, reached down to let the recliner of the sofa out, hit the table and as if in slow motion away the flute went floorwards.. (Wooden floorward that is) I tried to grab it, but it was just out of reach. I can't believe how many pieces it smashed into... (About 2009 I recon) Got the usual "See you with drink in yee" It was a sober accident.. Honest

Need to replace it though, I did really like it.... Sorry R&L