Friday, 19 September 2008

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Think I'm A Carpenter

I think I'm a carpenter at times with some planks that work where I work. Intelligent people with no common sense. Parking is premium in work. It's normal for people who are taking out company vehicles to have to move vehicles which can only be described as abandoned before getting their vehicles out. It's company policy for anyone who is taking a vehicle out to be responsible for checking water, oil and fuel etc. I went to collect a car today and some plank had parked it in a way I couldn't get the bonnet up. Look at the picture to see why...

It was parked under an articulated trailer... smart or what.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Well, I hit the bulls eye tonight with 2 and a half lb off and not only have I reached my target but passed it by a lb.
7 Stone 1 lb OFF FROM JANUARY 2008
It has been an amazing journey for me this year... 10 Slimmer of the week awards, groups biggest loser award (No funny comments please) 14 half stone awards, voted group man of the year (only one in the group) Slimming World Man of the year 2008 semi-finalist and tonight my greatest award yet.... Target Member. (Knew it would come, I wanted it so much)
I can't say it's been a hard journey, I enjoy the plan and along with the motivation and support from my wonderful little swamp duck (Her indoors) Slimming World group consultant Sharon (The person who told me I could eat loads and still lose weight) and the rest of my group (too many to name, well, Pauline is a big inspiration) that's what has enabled me to achieve my goal... Thank you so much each and everyone of you...

I'm celebrating tonight with a glass of Heartland and a small cheese board....

Monday, 15 September 2008

Changing Room

Went for my daily swim at lunch time today. When I went into the changing room there was a guy sitting in his undies and vest (Just out of the gym) and he was eating his soup (It looked like oxtail) and his thermos flask sitting ready to replenish his mug. What a hygienic place to eat lunch I thought, I must bring my sarnies in with me the next time... I'm sure I can find a place to sit among the dirty linen to eat them.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A Great Night

Before I get into my post I have to say I have been real busy, so some days may be left out of the blog.
Last night I had the pleasure of being at the BBC's Proms In The Park held in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. What a wonderful night, great weather, great music (Well done the Ulster Orchestra and guests) and a fantastic atmosphere in the grounds of this magnificent building. (Well done all) I was given the opportunity of a free ride on the Belfast wheel which is situated within the grounds. I jumped at the chance... It was indeed a beautiful evening so I grabbed my camera and off I went. Nothing short of fantastic...
It was the first time I had ever been on the wheel at night. It was such a clear evening the lights of the city went on as far as the eyes could see. Believe me when I say, with my glasses on thats some distance.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Close But No Cigar

Weight off again tonight at my Slimmimg World class, a half pound.
You may think that's nothing to shout about, well, I will tell you this. It's one pound away from having a half pound on (Think about it!) and it brings me that half pound closer to my target of seven stone. (Nearly there)

6 Stone 12 and a half lb off

Why I Love Driving

The signs for the diversion (NO left turn at Bedford Street) are still in place even though the road has been OPEN for two days... Another thing that really got up my nose this morning was at the junction of the Oldpark Road and Crumlin Road. There are two lanes, left lane for left turn and right lane for right turn, with a big arrow painted in each lane to depict direction of traffic flow. (Thought I'd go into depth about the lanes and arrows in case a taxi driver is reading this)
I was second car waiting in the left lane (To turn left of course) when this Richard Head of a so called taxi driver passed in the empty right lane and turned LEFT in front of everyone else.
Where was my soul mate to cut him up.....

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Is It Closed Again

Traffic was as bad this morning as it has been most other mornings. As I got to the Blackman the diversion sign, and the 12x10 automated traffic sign informed me that there is "NO LEFT TURN AT BEDFORD STREET" Oh yes there is...
Perhaps no-one informed the DRD the road was open.. finger on the pulse or what?

Monday, 8 September 2008

Road Re-Opened Today

At last the no left turn into Bedford Street was lifted late today. I was chatting to the workmen as they were clearing up, and they were even glad it was finished. This should ease the traffic tomorrow morning on my way into work.
Went swimming this afternoon. The pool at the gym is around 20 metres, this guy was swimming as if he was going for gold, the only thing that surprised me is as he turned at each end he propelled himself with a big kick off the end wall and was under water for well over half the length of the pool so he was swimming less than 10 metres in reality... It said head on his training bag, maybe there was a word missing?

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Super Sunday

Had a good relaxing Sunday... Out to Junction 1 to get a couple of formal shirts (To go with my new tux) while my LSD bought a couple of dresses. Went into the Christmas shop there, could not believe we are so close to Christmas, only 108 days to go.
When we had finished at J1 it was off to LSD Junior's for our dinner. It was lovely grub...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Street Entertainment

The city centre is alive with street entertainment on a Saturday. It was a very pleasant day today, so more were out than usual. The Cornmarket (Arthur Square) had the likes of a three piece fiddle e dee band (They were good), an escape artist who was able to get out of a straight jacket in around 16 seconds, a punk rocker playing a banjo, but the prize of the day goes to the filthy white rabbit (No, it's not a racist remark, his white rabbit suit was boggin) playing classical music on a Yamaha keyboard. He was brilliant, well, up until I spotted the music wasn't matching his keyboard pressing.... what a fraud, and all in the name of entertainment...

Friday, 5 September 2008

Am I In Danger?

Everyone said lose weight, lose weight.. After reading this article on the World Wide Wubbish, I think I've been put in danger because of my weight loss.
(They never told me at fat fighters, there's a down side to losing weight)
The article made me remember, about one night in during our Island's darkest times... I was out a dander (Walk) with some mates, when a drive by shooting occurred very close by, everyone dived over a garden hedge for cover, me, I just ran through it and lay down.
All went real quite, after a couple of minutes one of my mates shouted to me "Are you all right?" I thought for a moment to make sure and shouted my reply...
"If blood smells like diarrhea, I think I've been hit?" (Thank the almighty no one had been)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Toaster Mystery

We got a new toaster in our works canteen (Oops, I mean staff restaurant) It's as slow as a tax rebate (Remember them?) but, it's all that's there if you are looking anything toasted.
The mystery is when you put the bread onto the moving wire frame back to back, why does the first one drop out ten seconds before the second?
Any knowledge brother or sister out there know?
It's nice and shinny though

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Back On The Motorway

I'm off the slip road and back onto the motorway. Pleased with my weigh in tonight at my Slimming World class. I had an expected set back last week of a lb on, but I have been a good boy since then... 2lb off

6 Stone 12 lbs off

Target soon (God willing)

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A Soul Mate

The traffic around the Blackman (Belfast landmark) for the last few months has been hectic. A lane closure and no left turn @ Bruce street has caused problems as far back as the Blackman. The two lane road has ALWAYS had the righthand lane straight only, since the no left turn @ Bruce street a tail back occurs. TAXI drivers have no reguards for the traffic restrictions or other motorists waiting in the left lane to turn left at the Blackman. They just bypass the queue and expect people to brake while they nip around the outside. This morning I spotted the clampet and knew he was going to nip in. The car in front of me was being driven by an old lady and I thought the taxi will be well away by the time she takes off from the lights. Bless her, she put the boot to the floor and as the taxi tried to cut in front of her she hit the horn and gave him the verbal... (A soul mate) I stopped him getting in as well and indicated to him that he should go straight on in the lane he was in and called him a silly chap. (Or words to that effect) He got into the lane behind me then changed to a lane to the left of me and raced past the queue my soul mate and I where in. He then tried to cut back into our lane and again my soul mate gave him the horn and verbal and stopped him cutting in, as did I on the way past. I would have loved to have shook the hands of my soul grumpyhead driving the car in front. I went to work happy

Monday, 1 September 2008

Back To School

Hooray.. They are back to school. Feel sorry for them in a way, A wet summer, very little time in the heat to enjoy themselves ( My nose has just grown)
Saw a familiar site this morning on the Oldpark road, new uniforms all pressed to perfection, tidy hair styles, fake tans and those lovely pure white ankle socks. Oh yes, and the smoke bellowing above their heads as they smoke their brains out on the way to their first assembly....
At least there were no signs of jim jams.... (Well, not so far anyway)