Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Street Clean Machine

Dear me, I did feel sorry for this guy this morning around 8:50 as I headed up the Donegal Road towards the M1. As I got to the junction of Sandy Row I noticed a bit of a tail back of traffic and right on the junction (traffic lights) in the right hand lane was this piece of junk, Oil running out of it. Not a good place or time to break down (I know how the driver felt, been there done it) what did make me laugh, as I maneuvered around it this smart guy in a black merc thought he would try a fly one and over take my large vehicle and he pulled right up behind the broken down vehicle (which had it's hazard lights running) eventually when the penny dropped and he realised he wasn't going anywhere he tried to change lanes yet again the other motorists were very reluctant to let him back in ..... loads of horn blowing .... I love it.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Belfast Wheel Part 2

Got a chance to ride on the Belfast Wheel today. It filled all my expectations. I have to say it was worth the £6. The loading was quick and straight forward. The pods hold a total of six persons and there is provision for the disabled. We hadn't long to wait after boarding before we started our journey to the stars (OK, above the City Hall). As I said in an earlier blog, I expected to see the side of buildings for most of the trip and I was right. Once above the City Hall and surrounding buildings you can see a 360 of Belfast. Weather today was overcast. I would have preferred it if the wheel had went a little slower to enable the taking of more photos. There were five persons in the pod (3 Adults and 2 Young Persons) and I thought there was enough room. We got four revolutions of the wheel, it was good, but think they could have picked a better location for it.

Monday, 29 October 2007

F1 On The Run

Isn't it sad when a poor F1 nearly world champion can't go about his daily millionaire business without the media in tow. The poor guy is moving to Switzerland to avoid the camera's that appear from God knows where, wonder does he also realise he'll save on tax?

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Ardoyne Riot

Went onto the world wide web this morning to get the up to date news (BBC News) One of the main stories told of a riot last night in Ardoyne, two police officers required hospital treatment and some police vehicles were damaged. What did set me wondering, every time there is trouble no mater where in this country it is the police always manage to arrest just one person!. Is it just me who thinks it's could be the same guy?
It's about time we had a spot of zero tolerance against the scum who are determined to unsettle our peace cart and wasting millions of the tax payers money to pay for it. The police are quick enough off the mark when it comes to cracking down on the motorist. (Which I have to say has my backing) but lets target all law breakers with the same vigor.
If stopped by the police while driving your car I wonder how the old "It's not my fault I broke the law, I'm from a broken home" would work when it comes to revenue collection.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Quote Of The Day

I went to Specsavers today to enquire about contact lens. The Optician who tested my eyes made what I would call a quote of the day.
"You have one dominant eye, and one non-dominant eye"
It 's good to know I have only two eyes.

Friday, 26 October 2007

The Belfast Wheel

Now we have the Big Wheel is the next step nomination for the 2016 Olympics. What a great place for the Belfast Wheel to be situated, right at the side of our Belfast City Hall. I personally can't wait to go for a spin in it. I can just imagine it, I've always wanted to see the roof of the City Hall , the Ulster Bank and I believe you can see the roof of Argos in Arthur square not to mention all the traffic that pass the City Hall. (This is after you have nearly reached the full height) I'm sure the lough, the Cave Hill, the Waterfront Hall will be easily seen from the top, I'll take my binoculars with me just to make sure. As well as the location haven't they just got the timing perfect, winter. Just think, those few and far between rainy days we get during our winter, I do hope the people pods have wiper's. At least it will be somewhere different to go to get out of the rain.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Ye Old Maiden City

How sorry I was to hear of the violence that occurred in the Maiden City, 50 to 100 people were engaged in rioting . I'll not say the name of the city as sure as I'm thin someone will moan no mater what I call it. When I started the blogging at first I made a promise to myself (which I have to break now) that I wouldn't comment on any troubled areas, but the weekend disturbances need a mention.
Yet again ye old police force of this country comes under criticism from some of ye old political parties about their heavy handedness in the handling of the situation. According to police reports, bricks, bottles and paving slabs were being thrown at police and thousands of pounds worth of damage done to property. One question is, should the police be issued with polystyrene batons in case they injure the thugs and hoodlums who are carrying out this criminal damage?. What about ye old parent's ticking off about the police hitting their children? ... The rioting happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, funny the parents didn't care that their offspring's where in a riotous area? ... but hey, what else is new.
Good news though, the police made one arrest, I was wondering if it was the guy parked on the double yellows?