Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fish and Fireworks

Nice day for a ride out on Maud. Went to Dobbies at Lisburn bought some new fish. Got back and introduced them to their new home. Then got changed, got the beer, a torch and my camera ready, then headed up the Cavehill to watch the fireworks. I know you are thinking you don't need beer to watch the fireworks, true... But ... We just fancied a beer (The boys) anyway the photos looked in focus to me.....

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Honey I'm Homeeeeeeee

Great flight home with Thomas Cook, 20 minutes early at good old Belfast International. Then the dreaded words were heard. "Lets go to Tescos" ...... AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Friday, 29 October 2010

Last Day

Last day of the holiday arrived with a hangover, so glad the ladies wanted to have a final morning in Bodrum to gather some last minute presses.
Started off with breakfast and the finishing of the packing (My LSD had most of it already done while I was enjoying my last night in the bar). Checked out and then a short walk to the activities area for the airgun tournament. (Wish I’d brought my balaclava)
Us, English, German and an Italian, no not an re-enactment of you know what. I couldn’t hit a cow on the arse with a big stick. Son-in-law did ok but everyone was out gunned by the English lady, I didn’t mind but think the rest had their male pride dented.
The girls came back just in time for lunch, then we all hit the Spa. Swim and Steam room etc. A relaxing evening in the bar after dinner, we got picked up around 22.45 to take us to Bodrum Airport.
On the whole the holiday was fantastic, and the Rixos Bodrum was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bodrum & Gumbet

Caught the bus to Bodrum and then Gumbet. It was like stepping back in time. Reminded me of a visit to the Port (Portrush) when I was young. One street of shops, and tac ones at that, but they did have Tescos. Got fed up with the shop owners tring to mimic our accents and trying out the "Aye dead on and "Bout yee" sayings. No doubt some airhead who has been drinking on an empty head has thought it funny to pass on their Belfast sayings. I left them with a gem of a one that they can use next season "Shut the **** up"
Back to Bodrum and decied to get a Turkish shave. I was unaware that I had paid for the services of the Butcher of Bodrum who drew blood, a little scratch but drew my red stuff still the same. Time for a few pints...
Heading back to the bus I saw this little cat with what looked like a broken paw. I sat on the kerb to see it and it jumped up onto my knee. It was lovely and did indeed have a gammy paw but seemed to have it under control and never showed any sign of being in pain. Bless it...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Alcohol free day today. (Can’t afford to have two red cards in a row) Relaxed again at the Spa while the women went into Bodrum shopping. Had a full body aromatherapy massage this afternoon. 50% of Spa prices. The beautiful girl came around the pool offering this discount, how could one refuse. I waited until it was my turn thinking?.. (Well, maybe it’s better if we don’t go there)...
I lay waiting for my masseur, OMW, the door opened and this person with the body of an Olympic athlete walked into the treatment room. Unfortunately it was a body of a Russian shot-putter. What made even scarier was...... it was a guy. 70 minutes later, after the best ever rub down I’ve had, I felt great.
My little swamp duck tried to get me to take a drink all night but,I stuck to my guns just to make her feel bad.. Reverse physiology... works every time
Bet tomorrow I could have beer for breakfast without as much as a sideward glance.... I’ll give it a go and let you

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Market Day Turkish Style

Headed into Bodrum for the infamous Tuesday market. From the minute we go off the bus we were confronted with great sayings from the many many marketeers. Cheap as chips, cheaper than Matalan, cheaper than Asda, cheaper than Primark, cheap shite and the one that did shock me, Cheaper than your Paki shop. (Honest, I could not believe one of the stall owners said the last remark) Had a laugh around the market as the sellers fleaced some of the unsuspecting tourists.
On into Bodrum after the market for some free internet and a couple of beer. Ladies went around the more pricey shops and spent some cash. Son in law went for a Turkish shave.
On return to the hotel found out our boat trip tomorrow has be cancelled due bad weather coming. The good news is it will brighten up in the afternoon. Got a new T shirt .......

Monday, 25 October 2010


Up at first light and down to the island for a relaxing read of my Chris Evans book. Passing the pool I noticed ye old beach towels already on four of the sun loungers. (The master race up before me)
A little overcast at first but never the less, a fantastic start to the day. Lazed about the hotel complex and took some photos while my LSD went to the Spa
Snorkelling after lunch (Old wives tale about swimming after food) great fun and more fish to see than the time I was in the Caribbean. Then I decided to cross another item off my bucket list. JET SKIING, son-in-law and I got two JS’s for fifteen minutes. Only rules were to stay at least 300 meters from anything. Done and dusted, and at 60 knots felt like my arse was sucking the jet ski up. GREAT FUN.
Tomorrow is market day in Bodrum so heading in so my LSD can play her skill of getting bargains. Me, beer and internet will be order of the trip.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bath Time

Got to spent a little longer than normal in bed this morning. Up at around 08:30 and out for a stroll before breakfast. Had decided today I’d try and be partly good with regards to food, it lasted until breakfast. So much food here, the mind was strong but the body weak so I ate as if there is no tomorrow.
Picked up by minibus, to take us to our Turkish bath at Rayola Turkish Bath Complex about 20 minutes from our hotel. All I can say is WOW. On arrival we were taken to a room to be welcomed and told about other services that were available.(lol, yeah I thought that too)Anyway, I went for the extra massage and Turkish shave which was at least 50 Tlr (£25) cheaper than the spa at the hotel. AMAZING, it was fantastic. Felt like a new person (But, that wasn’t included in the price.. boom the minibus driver to drop us off in Bodrum so we could do a recce for the up and coming visit to the market on Tuesday.
Found a cafe with Wi-Fi (And Kebabs) to check out Facebook and update the blog. A few pints later I didn’t care about the WWW.Caught the #2 bus (Mini) which is the one for the Rixos. Onboard were other people including a few Jocks and this clampet from the Antrim Road who would only talk about the Old Firm game. (Shit I just didn’t need while on holiday) Soon sorted with a few sarcastic lines, by the time they got off, I felt I’d done a great job. (Much to the anger of my widdle swamp duck) I didn’t start the crap, but I did finish it in true Grumpyhead
Back to the hotel to have a couple of beer, freshen up and go for dinner...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Rixos, Bodrum

Arrived Bodrum Airport and a quick exit to our transport to the Rixos.

I know it’s the early hours, but have to have a dander. Mic and I went to the bar had a couple then down to check the beach out. Even at 4am and in the dark, it still was stunning.

Back to my room and got the loaf down. This is such a fantastic place.
So far today alls I’ve done is swim, eat, drink, sleep, eat, drink, drink, drink, play pool, swim in the pool and take photos, oh yes and eat.
Tomorrow we go for a Turkish bath.... can’t wait..........

Friday, 22 October 2010

Turkey Here We Come

Started off with waking at 05.10. I tried to get back to sleep but not possible as the thought of the travel to Turkey tonight was so exciting. Got out of bed leaving my little swamp duck sleeping her widdle head off. Bless her.After checking my fish (Two passed away this week) I made myself a cuppa and checked Facebook out. (Yep sad I know) but chatted to my mate Jay. The early bird catches the worm.. but then again, the second mouse gets the cheese.

After a WS&S I got ready for my walk into town to get a haircut. Stopped off at Harlem cafe for yet another cuppa. Head cut (Yes I know) met the Son-In Law then off for breakfast to the Avoca. After my breakfast bap it was back home to finish off packing.
Been years since I’ve had to do a school run but today was the day. Picked my teacher daughter up at her East Belfast School then back to ours to break open the Cava before the taxi arrived to take us to the Belfast (Sort-of) International Airport. Steve the driver was a man after my own heart, he hated every other driver on the road. (My type of guy).

Had checked in online so was just a case (Ha ha Case) of dropping the cases off at the desk and getting to departures. Yeah right, the women before us had to open their cases and cross load stuff so there was no surcharge for overweight luggage.
So that plan never worked.I’m all in favour of top level security BUT, took the shoes off etc etc and forgot about my belt. The red light flashed and I then got everything bar the total strip search. I didn’t mind, only the guy said “Don’t be embarrassed sir, an erection is normal after a search like this” I said “WHAT, I don’t have one of those”. He replied “Who said anything about you” (Only joking BTW)
Anyway straight to the bar for a drink, £19 +, at least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Bought some chocolates for the flight. Waited on the tarmac for an hour for a driver topush the plane back off it's stand. (Well it is Belfast)
On the flight now just over and passing the IOM (Isle Of Man). Champagne delivered (3 bottles) and the ladies are happy. Brownie Points earned (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED)
Roll on Turkey, Grumpyhead is on his way.