Saturday, 27 February 2010

Our Justice System

Day and daily we hear and read about our justice system. Some days they get it right and some days (well most) they get it wrong. I read two stories in today's Daily Mirror (page 35).
The first was about the charity box thieves who used their tot as a decoy to steal poppy tins. The judge Julian Hall gave a suspended jail term and a supervision order at the court in Oxford.
A former soldier in Lemington Spa (Who served in Ulster and Iraq) snapped when two youths (The PC way to describe two little shits) confronted him with a knife outside his home. He whipped out a machete and told them " That's what you call a knife" he threatened to cut the yobs up. The terrified scum fled (Now there's a surprise) but the former solider admitted using threatening words and behaviour and possessing a knife in public. He was given a four month suspended prison sentence and a 100 hours community service.
Makes you proud of the system....