Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last Years New Years Resolution

What a fantastic year 2008 has been. I wrote on this blog on the 3rd of January:
"To start the new year off I've made a resolution to lose weight. I've joined a slimming class. I was asked why I wanted to lose weight "Apart from the fact I'm fat" I asked? Inside me there is a thin person trying to get out (Just the one I hear you ask) I will try my best and give it a good go. Hopefully by next Christmas my Santa suit will be too big for me."
Nine months later I had 7 stone off. I've gone horse riding, hill walking, snorkeling, I even went scuba diving in the Caribbean, I went to Slimming Worlds Man of the year 2008 competition as a semi finalist (How mad is that) and had to sell my Santa suit before Christmas as it was too big for
As far as New Years Resolutions for 2009 go, I've no idea what I'm going after. I recon I could improve my road rage and try not to shout at other motorists, and someone told me I sometimes turn into Gordon Ramsey (F word) so I'm going to have to try and work on that as well.
One thing this year has taught me: "Believe in yourself and anything is possible"


Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Bought a TV from Tesco's on Christmas Eve. Built in DVD, Freeview and a docking station for my iPod. Despite buying a digital booster aerial I couldn't get it to tune into the stations it was suppose too, and I noticed it even had it's own dead pixel....
Took it back and explained to customer services about the dead pixel, they asked me did I phone the helpline, not much point as the TV has a dead pixel. After a little wait I got my money back. I was disappointed the TV didn't do what it said on the box.
Needed to get some sparkling water, when I got to the isle I made a great money saving discovery. The bottles sell individually at 30p or you can buy four in a plastic sealed cover for £1.23p (So if you want the plastic covering it costs you 3p, mad eh?)

I also hear the Easter eggs will be on the shelves before the new year....

Friday, 26 December 2008


Our house has turned into Flusville. My poor little SD and I have contracted the deadly virus "Daughtersflu..."
LSD Jnr arrived yesterday to spread her Christmas Germs (That's what happens when you bring up your children to share things) After all it is Christmas and we now have loads of tinsel!.....

Thursday, 25 December 2008

There Once Was An ?

Not exactly the story of the Ugly Duckling , but I read about lucky old Wilbur .... An Ugly Turkling..

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Forgot To Say

Forgot to say, I think quite a lot of people are going to be disappointed tomorrow with the none arrival of the fat man in the red suit (NO NOT ME)
I can't remember which Caribbean Island it was I was on when I spotted the Santa fella relaxing and it didn't look like he or his team had any work in mind ......... Ho Ho Ho aw sod it!

Merry Christmas From Grumpyhead

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's Gone

Passing the grounds of Belfast City Hall I could see the clearing up operation was in full swing after the Christmas continental market . That's it over for another year. Time seems to be flying in, it's hard to believe the market had been there for over a month. Today is Christmas eve eve and it only seems like yesterday that the market opened.
Tonight there was no fat fighters class as such, but we did have the option to go and get weighed. Sharon had supplied some seasonal treats for anyone who wished to partake, there was bucksfizz, smoked salmon canopies, crisps and of course diet coke (Guess what I had) Weighed in with yet another one pound on... Need another one and a half pound ON to get back to my target.... (Never thought I'd ever have to say something like that) I recon I'll need to lose after Christmas... lol (If all goes according to plan)

7 Stone 3 and a half pound OFF

(Well done to my LSD for having two pound OFF this week)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Smashing Day

My little swamp duck was getting the pressie's wrapped (More pressies that is) and she found two beautiful glass Christmas tree trinkets (Try and say that quick with a few slups in you) One was for her sister and I passed a comment that I thought the other one would look great on our tree. (Not the tree in the dinning room nor the one in the bay window, but the big one in the hall, you guessed it... the house is like a forest) I was holding it up by its tie (Looped over my finger) The tie just became undone. Crash, bang, wallop and into many pieces, as the poor little glass trinket hit the wooden floor. If the floor had been of carpet, it may have stood a chance.
I rest my case.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

What Did Today Bring

Shopping and more shopping (Well, I did have yesterday off). This I made a sweet potato curry for tonights tea (Lovely) Went to a Carol service at Belfast North Salvation Army hall.... then back home.
Up dating everything that needs updated at the mo. Should be going for a swim in the morning...

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Friday, 19 December 2008

What a Great Night Out

Had our departments Christmas Dinner on Thursday night at Hill Street Brasserie. What a great night, great friends and great food. Think I must have had something that disagreed with me. Felt awful today.......

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Woof Woof Where Are You

Shopping is a nightmare when I'm out with my beloved. You only have to blink and she has disappeared into some other isle or shop. You try the mobile and you get the voice mail. I now have learnt to find a seat and await the return. Sometimes the wait does get to me and I head off on the quest to find her. I really think she could work for one of the security branches as it's only by luck if I ever do find her, and only then it's when she wants me too.
"I'll only be a minute" must be one of the top lies we are told daily, another one is "I've been looking for YOU for the last ??? minutes" Yeah right...... They think us guy's are a soft touch, they think we believe everything we're told...... Will, I have news for you gals,....... you could be right.
But I think I've found a solution for us guy's if our spouses, girl friends, boy friends even mistresses, take shopping to the missing level. Spotted these guys yesterday outside the Christmas Market. Some guy must have called them to find his missus....... Wonder how they ever got the name MISS US?................

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Weigh Up The Holiday

Back to the weighbridge (Scales) tonight for the first weigh in after the holiday. Two weeks of eating and drinking American style. And if you've ever been there you'll know what I'm talking about.
When I got onto the scales (Drum Roll Please...................) I had four and a half pound ON..... Yes, I am happy, not bad for having such a great holiday and still a Slimming World target member at

7 Stone 2 and a half pound off..... Roll on Christmas... Ho Ho Ho

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Twinned With Manchester

Had to go to Manchester today. Went for lunch in the city centre and thought I was at home. I didn't know Manchester had a big wheel, not only that, but a few yards away from the wheel there were a load of stalls just like our contential market. (Ours is better though)

In the departure lounge at Manchester airport I spotted Baileys on offer £15 for two x litre bottles (Great value, they were two for £20 in Gatwick last Saturday) anyway, I went up to pay for them and the girl asked me for my boarding card (Not a problem) I showed her it and asked her "Can anyone get into this area without a boarding card?"......... "Oh no" was the replay. So I asked her "Will, why do you have to see it" Her eyes rolling said it all.
The flight was a bit bumpy most of the way back. I was sitting in the last row and I can only decribe it like being a flea on a happy dog's tail.... (Wasn't sure if it was a touchdown or a crash landing we did at the GBCA)

Monday, 15 December 2008

Back to Porridge

Back into work today, I felt chilled and looking forward to getting back. That was until I hit the traffic.... ARGGGHHHH
Work was fine though, and it wasn't too long before the ZZZZZZ's started to take over. Went for my swim at lunch time to try and wake me up but that lasted for about an hour... At least it's pay day.

Think I'll go back to Florida.....

Sunday, 14 December 2008

What Jet Lag

Up bright and early (Around 1.45...PM that is) helped (Slightly) with the unpacking. Off to my Sister-in-law's this evening for an early family Christmas get together. Thought we were back on the cruise with the food and drink that was on offer. The entertainment was supplied by my nieces Jane and Katie... A great evening.
On the way back I had to stop at Rathcoole to take a photo of a house decorated with Christmas lights. (They do it in aid of McMillan Cancer) Fantastic.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Home Sweet Home

All flights on time. The overnight flight from Orlando touched down at 06.55. The flight had been a great flight and we arrived to a very cold and wet LGW (London Gatwick). Our Flybe flight to BHD (George Best City Airport) was like a roller coaster ride, and that was only on take off. The rain and wind pushed the plane all over the runway during takeoff and the landing wasn't much different (I didn't care I just wanted home). We were reunited with our cases at the airport and LSD Junior picked us up and took us home. "Home Sweet Home"

I believe no mater where you go, it's great to get home.

Tonight we had a friend's birthday party to go to. It's always great to get out with friends, unfortunately I faded very early (Age does have it's limit's) BTW I enjoyed the party....

Friday, 12 December 2008

Ruby Tuesday

After yesterday, all's I wanted to do was get home. We called into Downtown Disney where Virgin Atlantic have an early checkin. $10 a person, well worth it. Checked the cases in (Won't see them until Belfast) then off for breakfast... To be honest we had planned to have the rest of the day at Universial, but after yesterdays incident all's I wanted to do was get to the airport and get rid of the car. Got to the airport about 11.30am flight not until 18.05. My LSD understood (She knows me so well)
After getting rid of the car we looked around the airport shops. Time for a few beer I thought, so I went for a few.
Our Virgin Atlantic 747 is called "Ruby Tuesday"

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Near Death Experience

It's not often we can say we have had a near death experience. Shopping was the order of the day (Holiday presents) One last thing could not be found but with the aid of my GPS the store I needed was 12 mile away.
Today was a very wet day and in my experience if it's wet after a long period of dry weather the roads will be greasy. I thought, if an accident is going to happen today's the day. Drive carefully!
We were on our way towards the Florida Turnpike, when this car slid across our path from an adjoining slip road, I jammed on the anchor's and our car started to lose grip. Foot off the brake and foot to the board on the gas. I just made it through the gap but ended up on the central reservation. Quite shaken but unhurt. (I've no idea how I missed hitting the car) If I'd hit the car someone was going to die. It really was a bad way to end a holiday.
(I need to send the other driver a laundry bill)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Happy Grinchmas

Back to Universal Studio's today for the the Grinchmas show (My type of guy)... We met the Grinch in passing and my LSD said hello to him and he ate the bake of her for being happy (As I said, my type of guy)
Tomorrow is our last full day here in the orange state (Could make a few comments on that name, but I wont)' Going shopping tomorrow then taking my LSD out for a meal to somewhere special. (Don't know where yet)
Hey the road rage kicked in today when I was cut up by someone driving while on their phone... I knew it had to happen.....

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mickeys Christmas Parade 2008

With the Magic Kingdom all luminous as our monorail approached, I looked around the carriage and tried not to show my excitement too much... It really is a magical place, more so when Mickey's Christmas Parade is on.. Every part of the park is so festive, and all of the refreshment stations (Cafes) have hot chocolate and cookies on offer (Free). Before the parade I had to do some of the rides (Yes, I am like a big kid)
The parade started, the artificial snow fell and the look on everyone's face (Young and old) said it all. It was a great to be alive moment. The fireworks late on were spectacular...
Got the monorail over and the steamship back.... What an amazing place....

Monday, 8 December 2008


Up and in the hotel pool by 7 am. Went for breakfast in the hotel then off to Universal Studios. Got on many of the rides including the Simpons, the Mummy, and Jaws, watched this years Macy’s Christmas Parade then went to the cinema to see Madagascar 2. After our dinner at Universal we headed back the eight mile to the hotel. I was going to go for a swim but I’m tired so I’m off to bed after I update the blog…..

It's been a full year since I was at Universal Studios. Last years photo's were great especially the one of me with the Santa Girl's.. Ho Ho O'helloooooooo ladies.... Had to get the same type of photo again this year and here they both are:

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Back To Land

The ship docked around 6.30 am Florida time. Our time to get off was after 9.30. It all went so painless. We picked up our car where we had left it a week ago and headed for Orlando. I decided to drive the scenic route down past Cocoa Beach. When I got a good distance down the road I pulled over and switch on my GPS and selected our hotel as our destination. After it had calculated the route it told me to rejoin the road and turn left. I checked both ways and no traffic. I pulled out onto the road and started my journey. A 4X4 approaching from the opposite direction was flashing his lights continuously, I said to my co-pilot “Speed trap ahead”. WRONG…. I was driving the wrong way…. Opp’s
No harm done…. Spun around and headed south…. GPS still telling me I was going the wrong way.
Arrived safe and sound at our Orlando Hotel (After some shopping stops) … Phew….

Saturday, 6 December 2008

2nd Day @ Sea

Bit rough on the high seas last night so no sleeping in. Up nursing a hangover. Tried swimming it off with no luck. Even tried crazy golf onboard. That didn’t work either so a hair of the dog was needed. (That done the trick) A restful day then after a final dinner with our table 302 cruisers we bid our farewells, and headed to cafe promenade for our last night on board. Been a fantastic week…. The size of the ship is unbelievable, my favorite area was the Royal Promenade with all it's shops and bars.... hic!

Friday, 5 December 2008


We never booked any tour for Cozumel, Mexico. We just waited until we got to the quay side and got a local tour around the Island for about half the price to what the ship was charging. We went to the Maya ruins, then a beautiful coast drive called into an Maya village before hitting the shops in Cozumel. Ended the shore day with a visit to Senior Froggies. Party night onboard (Every night is a party night)
Tomorrow we are at sea. So perhaps Ill get a little longer in bed…..

Thursday, 4 December 2008

George Town

Up at 7am to watch the sun rise, and to get ready for my first ever scuba dive. Collected my dive gear from the ships dive shop and boarded the first tender to take me ashore to George Town, Grand Cayman. Transport took my fellow divers and I to a dive school. With our BCD’s inflated (Dive talk) I entered the water, swam out what seemed a long way then the dive instructor gave us the signal to go down. What an experience, equalizing every few feet on the decent. (More dive talk) My first ever sight of fish swimming in and out of the coral. I was kneeling on the sea floor at 40ft (I know that doesn’t seem deep, but believe me when I say it was deep enough for me)
We got back to the ship early where I had made arrangements to meet my LSD (Or so I thought) I waited in our cabin while she waited on the dock at George Town. It was my fault of course…. Lol.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jamaica (Yeah-Mon)

The sun never let us down again today. What a lovely day yet again (That’s what I paid for) Ocho Rios Jamaica was our port for today. Off the Mariner to join a tour of shopping and sightseeing. Dunn River Falls was our main stop where I had intended to climb the falls but getting absolutely soaking was the order of the day so I declined. I was going shopping and maybe a few cocktails before rejoining the ship and I didn’t want to have yee old wet pants.
My wonderful LSD bought me a watch I had spotted so I took her to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville… we had a fantastic time and there was a competition were they wanted 6 guys. They (WE) had a tennis ball on a string tied around our waist and we had to swing it between our legs and knock a small cardboard box (With the tennis ball) to the far end of the bar and knock it through a girls legs to win. “Yeah, I won” …. lol
The large margarita I received (and drank) somewhat put me to sleep early…. (Ah well, it was fun at the time)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Up to catch the Caribbean sun rise and what a site it was to behold. With Labadee in site I got the snorkeling gear ready and waited for the first tender to take us from the ship to the island. We got our beach lounger set under a palm tree then off into the water for a while. The day was hot, so under the palm for some shade. Had to get back onboard for my LSD had booked a spa treatment while I tried a tank dive with scuba equipment. It was fantastic...
Tonight we went to one of the specialty restaurant onboard. After our diner we ventured to the theatre to catch one of the shows then we went to what was becoming our favorite bar on the Royal Promenard. It was 70’s night and the music was great with the promenard filled with everyone dancing, I just enjoyed the people watching (And the cocktail drinking). Looking forward to our next stop tomorrow, Jamacia. "Yeah Mon"

Monday, 1 December 2008

Day @ Sea

Up shortly after 6am and took use of the Mariners jogging track on deck 12. Very windy (The weather not me) overcast, and a few spots of sea spray, but at least it’s warm. After I’d finished I went to the café on the ships promenade for a nice cup of mint tea. (The café is open 24hrs) then back to the cabin for a shower and wait on room service bringing our anniversary breakfast. (29 Years)
Very overcast and stormy looking, but warm, no sign of pirates yet (I suppose no self respecting pirate would be out a day like this)
After a lazy day on the high sea’s it was time to get ready for the first formal night. The dinning room was full of tuxedos and evening dressing like a scene from “High Society” (My flip flops may have let me down) I did asked my bride of 29 years if I looked like Bond, she replied "Yeah, Brook Bond!"