Sunday, 30 March 2008

Vegetable Cannelloni

One of the best things about being on this diet, I'm learning to cook. I had to put the photo this Cannelloni dish I made with my own hands on my blog (OK, I know that's sad) As usual I had the kitchen to myself, so away I went with the recipe out of the Slimming World magazine.
The hardest part was filling the cannelloni tubes ..... but I got there eventually with my trusty spoon.
Then the Delia Smith of this abode came into the kitchen with a smile on her bake and asked me,

"Did you fill the cannelloni tubes using a plastic bag with a hole cut the corner"

I've searched the kitchen but still can't find the hidden camera ... how did she know??????

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Our Government

Every day in the media stories appear about our Government's handling of service lives. Soldiers, welfare organisations and senior politicians are calling on the Home Office not to deport the wife of a serving British soldier.
She is a Canadian national, has been told that she must leave Britain when her temporary visa runs out in April, and will have to go back to her home country if she wants to re-apply for citizenship.
The government says the rules exist to prevent the immigration system from abuse.
"Like all Armed Forces families, they have made huge sacrifices in the service of this country"

Friday, 28 March 2008

Our Justice System

What other country in this world can you be convicted of terrorism, and get released early.
A man convicted of a terrorism offence has been released 17 days early under the scheme to reduce jail overcrowding, the government has confirmed. He was jailed last summer for three and a half years, and was released from Wakefield Prison on 11 February 2008.
He was arrested in May 2006 at Luton Airport carrying what police said were blueprints for a rocket in his luggage. The Ministry of Justice said the person had met the release criteria because he was not guilty of serious violence. (Thats because he was caught first ... DUH)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Still In There

Still there with the weight loss. Mind you I was really pleased to find out I had weight off this week. I never had any Easter eggs but I did eat out and with being off for a few days I was sure at best I would have stayed the same weight as last week.
But the magic of the diet worked and I had a lb and a half off, that means I need 3 and a half lb off to reach my 4 stone mark .....

Slimming World

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

How To Make Tea

Bought some new tea bags and was puzzled to see Dr Stuart's instructions on how to make a cup of tea printed on the side of the box.
Is there really people out there who don't know how to put the tea bag in a cup and add boiling water? .....

Perhaps there are!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Football Class, Ballymena Style

Read a report about the last Saturdays match between Ballymena United and Lisburn Distillery on Saturday. The report stated:
Irish Football Association chief executive Howard Wells said there would be a
"full investigation" into the trouble at Ballymena Showgrounds.
The referee needed a police escort off the field, while the two managers had to be kept apart. Players were also involved in jostling after the whistle was blown on a 2-2 draw.
In addition to the lamb's leg, a chair and at least one bottle were
thrown onto the pitch.
Got me thinking, I wonder was the bottle Ballymena Champagne. Is there a lamb running (Ok limping) about Ballymena with only three legs and is some supporters girlfriend missing a chair from the barn?

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Easter Carvery

Instead of cooking today I gave my little kitchen angle the day off and we headed to Tullyglass Hotel for their Easter carvery. The trip down was nice and the food is always fantastic. Had the starter and it was pleasing that there was no queue to join just straight up and back. The main course was another mater though. The queue wasn't too bad but unfortunately Miss Dolly Daydream and her sister Daisy happened to be in front of me. We had been queueing for about five minutes and when we got to the food they still hadn't a clue what they were going to have. They inspected everything that was on offer and give off about the temperature of the grave (Oops, I meant gravy)
It was like some sort of sitcom .....

Saturday, 22 March 2008

It's Not Hot

My little swamp duck and little swamp duck junior went on an little mission for me today. First, swamp duck junior went online to see what I'd get for my DVD collection ..... Even with getting ripped off I still was able to accumulate £150, so the incredible duo took them and got me my cash .... at which I was truly grateful.
On their return, not only did I get my money but they has been to Tescos and helping with the unloading of the car I got to carry the last two bags.

As I entered the kitchen SDJ said put those bags on the cooker, at which point she put her hand without hesitation straight onto the cooker hob and stated "It's not warm".

I was trying to imagine what the expression on her bake would had been if it HAD been warm .... very warm ..... Isn't a university education just wonderful ...........

Friday, 21 March 2008

Left Hand Drive

I was coming out of a filling station, waiting on a break in the traffic I notice a oncoming vehicle with the driver reading a map. I immediately sounded my horn big time as they the vehicle passed. It was at this point I realised it was a left hand drive car and all I could do was wave hello to the occupants ..... They look at me as if I wasn't wise .... they may have got that right ..... oops..

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Weekly Weigh Bridge

It's official, I am no longer obese I'm just over weight... (Still Fat)
Got slimmer of the week again at the Slimming World club tonight, I past my 3 and a half stone mark.
3 stone 9lb to be exact, or 51lb if you want to look at that way. I got to thinking it could be looked at as:

204 Quarter pound Burgers
25 X 2lb Bags of Sugar
10 X 5lb Bags of Potato's

Thank you Slimming World

Monday, 17 March 2008

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Titanic Tour

Got free tickets for the council run "Titanic Tours". The coach picked us up in front of Belfast City Hall. Off we went down to Queens Island and into the old Harland & Wolff drawing office then a short walk to the slipway where the Titanic was built & launched from. After the tour speech which was very interesting (I have to add) back over to the bus which at this stage had reversed up onto the slipway ramp.
Once on the bus the tour guide informed us we were going to get the experience of the ship slidding down the slipway. Off at speed the bus went, heading straight for the water. (Health & safety out the port hole)

It was at this point, I thought, I know people say,
"You'll not go before your time"
Wouldn't it have been crap timing if it had turned out to be the drivers time? ........ more victims marked down to the Titanic, I would think ..... SPLASHHHHH

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Victoria Square

Made my first visit to the new Victoria Square shopping area. First impressions it looks fantastic. The covered in walkway is a great idea as it's always raining here, but the place was like an ice box, freezing...

There are still loads of places within the centre to open. I queued for about 25 minutes to climb the 90 steps to the viewing dome only to discover because of the bad weather the view was dung....
I never learn.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Weight In

Wednesday once again and I was not looking forward for the weigh in tonight (Slimming World). I had gone out last Friday night and hit the wine finishing with a pizza.... So I was happy tonight to find I had another 2 and a half lb off.... (That's 47and a half lb) and my little ever decreasing swamp duck had the same off tonight to take her to over the 2 stone mark. (Well done to her)....
I was feeling so chuffed, patting myself on the back then, I read this..... Half-ton Mexican man loses 200 pounds

I bow to you sir.........

Duty Of Care (Part 2)

Thursday, 14 February 2008 Duty of Care
Have you heard or read about the guy in Wearside who is suing the bookmakers William Hill for more than £2m, money he lost gambling after asking the bookmaker not to let him bet again. He thinks after he asked them to stop letting him bet it's their fault he has lost more money.

Unfortunately, his horse never came in this time. I wonder did he have a bet on the outcome....

Friday, 7 March 2008

Bye Love, I'm Off To Work

Was chatting to a work colleague today about the up and coming Easter holiday. He is a sea dog and has a sailing yacht, he was telling me that he used to take a week's leave and left the house every morning as normal. His missus was under the impression he was off to work instead he went to his boat and spent all day on it and then went home for his dinner.
He said if she had known he was off he would have a job's list to do around the house......

What a guy, I'd never get away with it.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Unattended Bus

Arrived at the bus stop to catch the 11a. The bus was already at the stop but the doors were closed. I noticed a lady passenger sitting on the bus but no sign of the driver. The bus was sitting with it's engine running. I thought I'd imagined it so I went to the rear of the bus to check. How daft was that, it only takes a second for some little scumbag to push the red button, doors open and the bus is away (OAP and all). About four minutes later the driver arrived (Think he had been in the coffee shop near by).
I was going to report it but the driver turned out to be one of the pleasant ones. (Must have had a caffeine fix)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Biggest Loser

Been up to my ears in DIY and have been unable to update the blog until now. I met many plonkers on the highways and byways since my last update. One thing I must mention though, Lisburn must be the city of 4 X 4's, and most driven by women on school runs... a nightmare on the roads around school times.

Wednesday, Slimming World. Weighed in with another 5 and a half lb off. Passed the 3 stone mark, won slimmer of the week and to top it all I won the biggest loser competition. My little swap ducks Da used to say she was marrying a loser. 28 years later he was right. (Only joking about what her Da said)
I didn't mind winning the basket of fruit, but being presented with a bouquet of flowers in front of 50 women did give me a big red bake..... (I'm sure a lot of people would have paid money to see that)