Thursday, 5 June 2014

20th Century Boyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Went to see the production of 20th Century Boy at the Grand Opera House Belfast. It was about the life of Marc Boland. Being that the 70’s was my era for music I really fancied seeing this, as I’d bopped to many of the hits from T-Rex at hop's all around the globe.
The production itself was great (apart from a late mic fade on one occasion and a no warning flashing of lights. The flashing lights meant nothing to me (but if I’d had  photosensitive epilepsy it may have made a difference). A great 70’s set. The fly’s and slides were bang on cue, and the spots did what it said on the tin. That was down to the fantastic Tech Crew of the GOH

Marc was played brilliantly and I really had the feeling I was at a T-Rex gig when the band was playing. Some great music throughout.
NOW: The two seats behind was another story. The occupants sang to every song played, well the first two word’s in the title and it’s chorus, they were grossly out of tune believe me. They had lovely voices, the type that sells papers (You know what I mean) At one point i was about to turn around and tell them to STFU.. but thought better of it. The funny thing was when we got up for the interval they asked “Is that it over” before I could say yes the brainiac in our party said “Oh no it’s just the interval” my heart sank. Spoke to one of the FOH (Front of House) staff and they suggested WE could move. I said “No thank you, I’ll stick it out” which seemed to freak my party out.
Act 2: Was just the same regarding the melters behind us, but I kept calm. The production on the other hand went up a gear and truly engrossed the audience in what was T-Rex. Bottom line “Fantastic Show” a must see.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Fully Appled

Today I took the final step and totally migrated over to Apple. Over the last few years I started off with the iPhone then progressed and bought an iPad which I love very much. Today because of my poor old laptop"s inability to preform to a standard I need I decided to go Mac Book Pro .... Delighted to say the least.