Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Weapon

The latest non-lethal weapon to be developed is a hand grenade for crowd control. I read this article on the website ananova. The grenade is loaded with ground seeds from the Bhut Jolokia, which is officially recognised as the worlds hottest chilli by Guinness World Records.

I have tried those chilli seeds in a curry, believe me when I say "it became a weapon of ASS destruction" ......

Friday, 19 March 2010

Walking with the Wounded

The first unaided trek to the North Pole by disabled servicemen are to be announced by Prince Harry. This is to raise funds for the charity that help servicemen who have been disabled while serving their Queen and Country.
Two Questions:

WHY is a charity needed?
WHY are MY taxes not going to help them instead.

The answer to both these questions: The Government

They would rather spend MY taxes on the drug dealing scum and the like in our prisons, giving them three square meals a day, educating them, entertaining them and giving them a roof over their head. (It must be hard for them)

They would rather spend my taxes on the scum that assault old people and the like who have never worked a day in their life (Or are likely to) by giving them legal aid so they can either be set free to offend again or better still, give them three square meals a day, educate them, entertain them and give them a roof over their head.

A fine is a tax for being bad
A tax is a fine for being good

I wish the guys all the very best for their trek...........

Monday, 1 March 2010

Who Could Blame Him

If you haven't already heard the story: A Royal Marine who's dad won £45.6 million on the lottery has opted out to fight the Taliban rather than live in luxury. According to the HM

That was last November

The Sun ran a different story today according to them he is to quit
And good on the lad, that's what I say. He's been there done it, I wonder how many of those who critise his move have done what this lad has already done..... (or are likely too) .......very very few I recon.....