Thursday, 30 July 2009

Here I was

So here I was sitting upstairs on the bus waiting for it to leave it's stop by the City Hall. More passengers started to come up to the top deck and this young guy sat down in a seat just in front of me. I felt safe from being biten by vampires as the stench of garlic coming from his direction was awful.. I did consider moving but thought I'd sit it out and cough for a while.... This dame sat behind me and it wasn't too long before her 80's ring tone started to blast out from her handbag. What ever happened to "I'll call you back, I'm on the bus" .. she went into this full conversation about people in her office at a volume I'm sure the driver was able to hear (And he was on the lower deck), at one point she lost the signal, and the person rang her back... How often have you lost a mobile signal and when you get reconnected the first thing you ask is "What happened there?" That sort of question is ok as long as you were talking to a mobile phone engineer in the first place. She answered the phone with... you got it..."What happened there.. the dame was still on the phone three miles later but did tell her caller to hold on as she was about to get off the bus. I'd love to know where she worked as I'd call the office and tell them the gossip.... As for garlic bake I noticed the paint on the roof above him starting to blister as I my stop approached


wee dolly bird said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Classic!! Glad to see you back...cyber-bullying!!lol xxx:+}

Squib! said...

Gotta love Translink for all the squibs of the day.

Squib! said...

(Yourself not included obviously!!!)