Sunday, 29 October 2017

Travel Day at last

Early start to our travel morning. After loading our luggage into our Daughters car off we went to George Best City Airport. Check in was what it was, as was the security.  Once through to gate it was an hours wait before we were on our way to Heathrow. Beautiful morning flight and I have to say the cabin crew all had smiles and gave a bit of craic to us. The new celebrity safety briefing video and which the crew interact brought a smile to everyone (I think).
After collecting our cases it was out into the arrival area where we were met but the Royal Caribbean rep. He was up for the job is all I can say. Whisked off to Southampton cruise terminal to join Indy. Our Driver Val from Transmobility Southampton was such a laugh and friendly it felt like a mate was driving us. He was a class act.
On arrival at the cruise terminal Val unloaded the luggage which was swiftly taken from us from where we stood and it was straight to check-in. Ten minutes max and we where onboard and having cocktails.
Our suite was ready for us by 1pm, our luggage was there before us (First time ever). Had planned to get a hour or two shut eye before the Muster Drill, but it wasn’t to happen. It took me that time to get my case open. Had problem with the padlock, I arranged with maintenance to come and just cut it off but as the guy arrived the lock decided to open (Always the way).
By the time Muster was over it was back and sail away time. Had a couple of friends round and we had drinks and chocolate covered strawberries on the balcony and waved bye bye to the UK, Caribbean…. Here we come.
Had a wonderful meal at dinner, and it was bed time. This old Grumpy body told me it was bed time and I wasn’t going to disappoint it. A long day was had by all and it was still only 9pm.

As this is a pre Birthday and Anniversary cruise for my little Swamp Duck there could only been one thing left to organise for turn down.

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