Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday

Day off work, yeah but only in the employment sense. I'm still in the process of getting the area ready for my new greenhouse. I have already started by building the base for it and the door (Just to get things moving) The area for it will need leveled but I'm unsure if I went flag stones, bricks or just the straight forward earth... Whichever I choose it will still need leveled. So I'm using the garage to store the pre-built stuff.
What I have got as a new addition to the garden is a solar powered bird bath (More like a bird shower) but is nice and if we get some sunshine during the summer we will have loads of clean birds flying about my garden (If the cat allows it, that is)


wee dolly bird said...

Lol!! Love it..and it's blue!! I want one of them yokes!! but my 5 kittys would have a feast!! x:+}

Grumpyhead said...


wee dolly bird said... you need names??lol ....and a dog and 2 wee dudes..!!x:+}

wee dolly bird said...

Where you at boy???x:+}