Saturday, 6 June 2009

It's Getting Harder

I'm finding it harder to find the time to blog (Or so it seems anyway) but I'm still alive (@ the moment) in case you wondered where I was. With all the good weather lately I've been out and about, and last week I ventured up to Belfast Zoo (Don't entirely agree with zoo's but went anyway) It has been years since I've went and the first thing I saw was the whole new entrance, looks pretty well may I say. After entry I saw the old Floral Hall... Looking at it, it was hard to imagine the place use to be a dance hall before it was used as an animal shelter...(Although knowing some of the clampets who use to go there, it may have been one from the very start)
The place is so far up the hill I'm sure people were done out before they even got their first dance or their 99.... There must have been an ice cream van parked outside? as I heard my brothers say a few times that when they got to the Floral Hall "It used to be, get the girl, go twice around the dance floor, then outside for a poke" (I was too young to go, so I wouldn't know)

What I did laugh at was a sign in the car park saying "Please remember where you park" Really ?... It is worth a visit I have to say.. Oh yes! there are some beautiful animals there...

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