Saturday, 13 June 2009

It's Saturday

Saturday has arrived so I thought as the weather forecast was for heavy rain hill walking was out. As I wanted to get some exercise in and still have plenty of time left to enjoy the day I thought I'd get up early and go swimming. (Seeing I had a few last night) Up at 6 ish, looked out the window and it looked nice but damp. Got showered and dressed and on the cycle by 7am. It was amazing how many people haven't even made it home from their Friday night out. On the way into town going past the old cricket ground, there were trainee thugs still drinking and making merry (I decided to pedal faster in case they wanted to include me in their merriment) and cycling up Royal Avenue there were bodies lying on city benches with their empty carryouts close by.. (Ah, those were the day's).....

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