Saturday, 26 September 2009


Up early yesterday had a short walk then got the 7am bus into town. I wanted to take some photos of the City Hall first thing, before heading down to St Georges Market (And all this before work) I have to say it was so relaxing.
I was in the City Hall grounds snapping away when I was approached by a man who started randomly talking about how the Belfast wheel was built, and then progressed on to talk about how the pyramids were built. He gave me his thoughts about the death and hard labour connected with the construction of pyramids and how the labour of today can't do anything without a forklift truck and a crane. (A glimmer of truth in that) Remember, I'm there to relax and I'm trying to get use to my new camera.
He then asked me what I thought of the pyramids, I told him I disagreed with him, as the Martians built the pyramids... it done the trick... No more questions....No more man..
Hope you like the photo's.....

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