Friday, 25 September 2009

Yee Grand Old Opera House

My little swamp duck and I went to the GOH in Belfast last night to see Annie. A great production with Sue Pollard in the role of Miss Hannigan.
The show started at 19:45 (Quarter to eight) about 10 - 15 minutes into the show these six dames (Yes, they did look as if they were out of a panto) came waltzing in and three of them sat in the seats in the row directly in front of us. They shuffled about to make themselves comfortable, took their coats off and then.... took their mobiles out and started to text..... (I had thought they were going to turn them off).. then they starting talking .... one of the phones rang and they answered the call and started talking... All while the show was going on... That was it.....

I asked them was there any chance of me hearing the show, the one in the middle turned around to start a staring contest with me. (She abused the privilege of being ugly let me tell you) It lasted about 4 secs, I Won. They didn't open their cake hole the rest of the night, it was obvious they don't often get out.

I enjoyed the show anyway

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