Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Holiday TV

Thought I'd add the movie channels to my TV package for the holidays. Getting them was an experience. I had to speak to somebody thousands of miles in another country and make myself understood (Not easy) so they can send a signal to a few miles away from me to get me the movies. (Great system) Between normal TV and Satellite channels I'm still trying to workout which of the two were worse.
Doctor Who and the Titanic. Oh come on, have the program makers forgotten that 1500 people lost their lives in the tragedy? What next, the doctor onboard the Hindenburg or worse) Talking about time travel, I was cutting the ham late on Christmas eve and thought I'd listen to the radio. I nearly slipped with the electric knife when I tuned into the Ulster Orchestra's St Patrick's Days Concert. (No, It's not an old radio I have) Outstanding Christmas eve listening.
Meanwhile Christmas in soapsville was as believable as the doc on the Titanic.
On the movie channels I thought Pirates of the Caribbean had to be the best, other than that, nothing else worth watching. (The funny thing about that, I have the DVDs)

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