Monday, 26 November 2007

Bah Humbug

Thought I'd eat out for breakfast this morning. I was driving up the Shankill Road so I decided to call into the Rose Of Sharon. Ulster fry (It was a just a fry, but when you eat it on the Shankill it's an Ulster fry, if you eat it on the Falls it's a full Irish) and a cup of tea and a read at the daily rag. Thought to myself it was rather quite even with the customers talking then I realised, no music. One of the ladies said that they have now been told not to play a radio or Cd's without first getting a licence from the council price £150. They had even bought new Christmas Cd's.
I told them to ring the biggest show in the country and complain. Then I got to thinking, how long before you have to have a licence for playing the car stereo with the car window rolled down.
(By the way, the fry was lovely)


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that its totally unbelievable that you can be sued for playing music in your shop.

This happened to Kwik Fit very recently...

What is the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, radio stations have to pay for playing the records, why do I have to pay if someone else is in earshot of my radio?

Anonymous said...

its just an opportunity to screw more money out of the average joe blogs