Monday, 5 November 2007

Poppy Appeal

It's the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal time again. Thousands of Poppy appeal boxes are now with shops, clubs, bars, and of course places of work.
There is a box of Poppy's sitting in our staff canteen (Sorry, Restaurant).
A colleague was telling me he went to buy a Poppy and when he asked for a pin he was told they could not be put out for health and safety reasons... (I thought, we are adults for goodness sake) Within minutes of him telling me this, we witnessed someone dropping three cups of coffee (So maybe they have a point after all)
The Royal British Legion provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants. Currently, nearly 10.5 million people are eligible for their support and they receive thousands of calls for help every year. Please give what you can.

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