Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Joys of Travel

Early start and off to the George Best City Airport. Checked in and then it’s time to people watch, and there’s nowhere better place to people watch than an airport (In my opinion that is) With all the euro football happening at the moment I wasn’t surprised to see loads of Liverpool Fans heading over to Anfield for tonight’s match against Porto.
Chatting to one fan he told me he was heading over hoping to buy a ticket at the ground. (I thought to myself, someone is going to make a packet from this idiot) what’s more I noticed that most of the LFC fans travelling had shaven heads, can you imagine the confusion if the ball is kicked into their part of the stand.
The plane was one of Flybe’s fleet latest the Embraer 195 (Thanks to Flybe for the photo) Have to say it’s a lovely plane with enough leg room for us short legged people, but I’d advise longer legged people to ask for seats 1A&B. Great flight but a sparkling water cost 90p for a 150m can. (I think the waters free but the bubbles are very expensive)
Staying Travelodge at Gatwick, book online; I saved £18 by doing so. (That’s 20 of Flybe’s 150m cans of sparkling water). £10.50 in a taxi from the airport.
Guess what, went out for a walk and it’s pouring down, that’s why I’m updating my blog.

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