Thursday, 29 November 2007

Early Start Again

Up before dawn (Think that's what her name was) checked in at London Gatwick by 7 am. Told by the check in girl that XL120 has been delayed by 90 minutes. In the great scheme of things that's not too bad. 5 and a half hours of people watching .... (Oh dung I thought to myself) turned out not too bad. Only two football shirts and a rugby shirt seen all day. When I did get to the departure gate and looked around I have to say I've seen happier people at funerals. Seriously, I counted only 6 people laughing or smiling out for a full 767/300 passenger load. Come on I thought, laugh you miserable lot (It was another word, but I wouldn't use it).
Rotated at 12.59 (Another word for took off) and 9 and a half hours later, touched down (Landed) at Sanford Airport in Orlando Florida. Got the rental car and headed to the hotel (Down by Universal Studios) I did honestly think I knew where I was going. Down came the rain and I missed a turning. Heavy rain, total down pour for about 30 minutes and where was I?...Lost. Just by luck I found Interstate 4 took a chance and went west and found my bearings and arrived at the hotel safely. (More by luck than skill)
The hotel has wifi so I can update this blog. Went for a pint (Water) and I have to say it was like drinking in JD's without the smart guys....
The photo by the way was taken as we passed the Kennedy Space Centre on approach to Sanford.


Glenn said...

Aww...its raining...just like home..thats nice :)

Glenn said...

Hey Mr. Grumpyhead. Just thought I'd remind you of what you're missing today. I'm just about to leave home - heading for sunny Belleek. I'm sure the fact that you are not going fills your heart with such joy and happyness. You picked a real good time to go to see Micky Mouse.

I'm sure you will be thinking of us....NOT!

grumpyhead said...

I was thinking of you this morning .. OK I wasn't