Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Easter Carvery

Instead of cooking today I gave my little kitchen angle the day off and we headed to Tullyglass Hotel for their Easter carvery. The trip down was nice and the food is always fantastic. Had the starter and it was pleasing that there was no queue to join just straight up and back. The main course was another mater though. The queue wasn't too bad but unfortunately Miss Dolly Daydream and her sister Daisy happened to be in front of me. We had been queueing for about five minutes and when we got to the food they still hadn't a clue what they were going to have. They inspected everything that was on offer and give off about the temperature of the grave (Oops, I meant gravy)
It was like some sort of sitcom .....

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog - keeps me entertained - its the first page I look at when I arrive at work in the morning (in the hope that you have updated it). You have a good sense of humor. Keep it up!