Saturday, 22 March 2008

It's Not Hot

My little swamp duck and little swamp duck junior went on an little mission for me today. First, swamp duck junior went online to see what I'd get for my DVD collection ..... Even with getting ripped off I still was able to accumulate £150, so the incredible duo took them and got me my cash .... at which I was truly grateful.
On their return, not only did I get my money but they has been to Tescos and helping with the unloading of the car I got to carry the last two bags.

As I entered the kitchen SDJ said put those bags on the cooker, at which point she put her hand without hesitation straight onto the cooker hob and stated "It's not warm".

I was trying to imagine what the expression on her bake would had been if it HAD been warm .... very warm ..... Isn't a university education just wonderful ...........

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