Sunday, 16 March 2008

Titanic Tour

Got free tickets for the council run "Titanic Tours". The coach picked us up in front of Belfast City Hall. Off we went down to Queens Island and into the old Harland & Wolff drawing office then a short walk to the slipway where the Titanic was built & launched from. After the tour speech which was very interesting (I have to add) back over to the bus which at this stage had reversed up onto the slipway ramp.
Once on the bus the tour guide informed us we were going to get the experience of the ship slidding down the slipway. Off at speed the bus went, heading straight for the water. (Health & safety out the port hole)

It was at this point, I thought, I know people say,
"You'll not go before your time"
Wouldn't it have been crap timing if it had turned out to be the drivers time? ........ more victims marked down to the Titanic, I would think ..... SPLASHHHHH

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