Tuesday, 6 May 2008

They're Everywhere

Knowledge brothers, bless them. Their intentions are good but they are a pain in the orifice. My Son-in-law and I went tonight to hit a bucket of balls each at Ballyearl golf range. This is only the second time my s-i-l has tried the golf. I recapped on a few pointers from the first time and let him get on with it. He was starting to hit well when the knowledge brother decided to gave him the benefit of his knowledge. I could only smile as he was trapped. "Do this, do that" is all I could hear and my poor s-i-l is to polite to tell the bro to clear off. Me on the other hand don't suffer from politeness but under the circumstances (my s-i-l being tortured by a kb) for once I kept my mouth shut. (What I saw of the kb himself using a golf club, he couldn't hit a cow on the back end with a big stick)


wee dolly bird said...

Know-it-alls..who'd have 'em??;+} I've only ever played Crazy Golf,what a laugh that was,right-nuff!!lol Although I would like a go at the "real" thing...lovely day for it!

PS. You should have shown us your golfing shoes in that pic!!

Grumpyhead said...

I play bare foot, as the warts on my feet grip the grass.

wee dolly bird said...

EEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!! Grumpy!!LOL With all this hard work your putting in for the rest of your body..you gotta get yourself down the chemist..get some Compound W on them feet man!! I'm feeling for poor LSD!!