Saturday, 24 April 2010


So, arrived at Belfast Intertrashional Airport for our Eurocypria flight to Larnaca. Could not wait to reach the airport. Left home really early (Now there’s a surprise) and was first to check in,. then security (Belts off, Jackets off, cheesed off etc where the staff were very pleasant unlike George Best Belfast Shity Airport, where the staff could do with training in how to smile and be civil) departures here I come. Fancied a look in Currys at the duty free. NO Currys. In fact the place was nearly in the close down mode @ 21.00 (9 o’clock for those who don’t know) made it to the bar which I can only describe as: It made JD’s look like the Merchant.
After a couple of top of the range Magners on through to Duty Free we went. Better value in Tescos believe me.
Gate 21 I’ll head there with my little swamp duck. (Seeing that’s where the plane is boarding from.) More cider but this time served by a very pleasant young barman. Started to people watch and had clocked this middle aged blonde earlier in the first bar boring the dung out of this young guy sitting at the next table to her. Oops, she's on our flight and she has now captured a young couple and giving them her thoughts on the Volcanic Ash subject. I could see the young lady was not impressed and the guy more or less told blonde to shut it as his girl is not a great flyer.
Boarding onto our Eurocyprot 737 – 800 was fast. Brill, in our seats 2a & 2b and no one beside us. Time to relax.. ANNONCEMENT “For your in-flight entertainment you can purchase headphones at €4, please do not use your own headphones as they may interfere with the planes system” (Interfere with profits more likely)
Anyway at this time of typing we are well and truly airborne, the seatbelt light has been turned off, those who forgot to go to the loo before boarding, are now queuing, some with their legs well crossed., and the trolley dolly is on her way up the aisle, (I suppose you could say I’m sad, as I do have my Advent netbook with me, and other travelers (Passengers) are looking at me as if I’ve two heads. But I do want to blog about my holiday)
We’ve just popped our first bottle of Lanson Champaign, (I live a champagne lifestyle on a diet coke wage) I just love holidays….
The flight has been airborne now for over an hour and I can see land below covered with many lights, not a cloud in the sky I recon we are somewhere over England (Smart ass me)
Dinner is served. Be right back.
4 am now (Local time) wherever that is, we had our meal ages ago (Chicken, veg and potato wedges (Nice). After a couple of episodes of Still Game on my ipod (so funny) I thought I’d continue the blog as I can’t sleep. Listening to the Priests now, would love to put it on the loud speaker to freak the rest of the passengers out… they really are a sour bunch, well the ones I can see when I look back.
Quote of the flight goes to my LSD, I got up from my seat and she asked “Are you going to the loo” I had to reply “No, I’m nipping outside for a smoke” The guy in front of me started to laugh which didn’t go down to well with you know who. I’d love to have a sleep but I’m too excited.
Unless there are any developments from now till we land (Touchdown) I’ll not type anymore… don’t want to bore you too much, not yet anyway………633 words will do for now….

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Marty said...

I strongly agree with you GH, about the atrocious level of civility from the staff in George Best Airport. I too have been subjected to the most ridiculous levels of inefficiency, ineptitude, indifference and plain bad manners. I've passed through a few airports in my travels, incuding some that are technically "3rd World". All I can say is the Belfast has a lot to learn about customer service. (As for BMI - don't even start me on that one!!!)