Sunday, 25 April 2010

What a Place

Woke up this morning and decided to head out and get my little swamp duck something nice from the local bakery for breakfast. (Closed, it’s Sunday) walked for ages and had to return empty handed. She forgave me… Down to the hotel pool for a swim and make a buck eijit of myself getting onto a lylo, (Who gives a friar tuck. I’m on hol)
Missed the welcome meeting yesterday so thought we’d catch it today. (Only because we saw the rep when we were in the bar) Booked a trip for tomorrow to the Troodas Mountains and Nicosia, also booked a Catamaran Leisure Cruise for Tuesday (Fun in the sun).
Had a pint in the hotel bar then booked a taxi to take us into Pataras. Had a dander around Fig Tree bay, a few pints and then dinner. Taxi back to hotel (Up at daft O Clock in the morning for the tour) had a coffee in the bar before heading to the room to update the blog, oh yes and open a bottle of the sparkly stuff.
My little swamp duck suggested we have a game of scrabble on our balcony . I had the smart ass feeling I can’t lose so I said yeah… great idea. I’ve never beaten her before but just had this feeling tonight’s the night. Was I wrong or was I wrong…. I was in front with a good few points, early in the game I’d put LATE which was a double score word. My LSD added the letters TRANS which took the word score to 60 (Two double word scores) GAME OVER
Another thing that has caused me concern is a sign I saw in the hotel elevator… my family will know why…lol

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Bubblesqueaker said...

Hehe! Glad you're having a great time!