Thursday, 29 April 2010


Took it easy with a trip to the local village of Paralimni. TAXI !!! costs 12€ plus tip (My tip was, stop using your mobile phone while driving well over the speed limit) anyway, took the taxi as the bus service this time of year is a hit and miss. Taxi dropped us off outside a jewelers near the main square, the driver told us that the owner of the shop was his cousin and he would give us discount and when we wanted a taxi back just to ask his cousin to give him a call and he would come back and collect us . Very nice of him I thought but one white knuckle ride a day is all I can take thank you.
There are two large modern churches in Paralimni and a small 13th – century church which now stands in the centre of a traffic roundabout. There are some lovely coffee shops by the square to sit and people watch, or should I say traffic watch….
My little swamp duck loved the thought that there was a Marks and Spencers at the square (20th – century) I love it too as it was closed and moved to another place where I’d no intention of going to.
Got some local knowledge about the bus service and it was running on the hour every hour. Caught the bus 1.5€, what did totally piss me off that when the bus stopped tourists came from everywhere and surrounded the door way pushing and shoving to get on first. What I could make out of the accents they were mostly Germans followed by Italians (Nothing new there then) I did voice my opinion on their ignorance and I’m sure most understood but none was willing to reply to my comments. (I did see the driver smile)
What’s a holiday without a visit to a local supermarket (My LSD thinks) while finding out where the bus stop was she had also ascertained the location of a supermarket on the bus route back. A shopping we did go…..
Back to Pernera and into Mojitos for dinner and a few glasses of bubbly. Back to the hotel a little rest and then a stroll along the seafront pathway for an evening coffee before heading back to be well and truly beaten at jack change it………


Glenn said...

Your obviously having a good time away. Feeling a little bit jealious - really need to head somewhere myself this summer...

Love the blog. I know I don't comment enough...but I can't help it that I haven't much to say :)

wee dolly bird said...

Mojito is thee best restaurant!! loved it!! yummmmmmmmmm x:+}