Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Life On The Ocean Wave

Got to stay in bed a little longer today. Up at 8am to head for our day out on a catamaran. I was really looking forward to it, snorkeling, kayaking, drinking, oh yes, it was the VIP cruise I’d booked for my little swamp duck and I.
Picked up by coach and taken to our departure point. Only around 30 people onboard so loads of space… Had a few beer before going onto the cocktails. First to view Famagusta Bay. It was starting to heat up so the catamaran anchored at Green bay for a 20 minute swim stop. I hung back to see the expression on peoples faces as they jumped into the water….glad I did, it confirmed my suspicions that the water was cold. I’ll wait until we stop at Konnos bay. On the way there the captain let me have ago at the helm (Steering wheel) It was great fun, but there was nothing much I could have hit out there any way.
Dropped anchor again now it’s time for kayaking, only one person so far going for it so here goes…. Wee buns, had a great time but back to the cat to let someone else go. (Nobody was interested in doing it until they saw I could do it, then there was a queue for the two kayaks onboard…
Got my snorkel gear on and into the water, equipped with my camera and water tight camera pouch. Wow… underwater there was sand and more sand to photograph, but then again there beer back at the cat. Back on for a lovely lunch, followed by cocktails. Time to kayak again…. Going well and I spots a speed boat coming around the bay so I went to side of the cat away from the wake…. Safe my arse, in I went (Think the sea term is capped sized) Grab the oar, the kayak, my camera, hope my sun glasses don’t fall off or my contacts come out and swim back to the cat… (Did I feel cat with everyone watching)
A fantastic day had by all…….

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