Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Belfast Wheel Part 2

Got a chance to ride on the Belfast Wheel today. It filled all my expectations. I have to say it was worth the £6. The loading was quick and straight forward. The pods hold a total of six persons and there is provision for the disabled. We hadn't long to wait after boarding before we started our journey to the stars (OK, above the City Hall). As I said in an earlier blog, I expected to see the side of buildings for most of the trip and I was right. Once above the City Hall and surrounding buildings you can see a 360 of Belfast. Weather today was overcast. I would have preferred it if the wheel had went a little slower to enable the taking of more photos. There were five persons in the pod (3 Adults and 2 Young Persons) and I thought there was enough room. We got four revolutions of the wheel, it was good, but think they could have picked a better location for it.

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Anonymous said...

Great video and the times they are a changing for Belfast, good to see