Sunday, 28 October 2007

Ardoyne Riot

Went onto the world wide web this morning to get the up to date news (BBC News) One of the main stories told of a riot last night in Ardoyne, two police officers required hospital treatment and some police vehicles were damaged. What did set me wondering, every time there is trouble no mater where in this country it is the police always manage to arrest just one person!. Is it just me who thinks it's could be the same guy?
It's about time we had a spot of zero tolerance against the scum who are determined to unsettle our peace cart and wasting millions of the tax payers money to pay for it. The police are quick enough off the mark when it comes to cracking down on the motorist. (Which I have to say has my backing) but lets target all law breakers with the same vigor.
If stopped by the police while driving your car I wonder how the old "It's not my fault I broke the law, I'm from a broken home" would work when it comes to revenue collection.

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