Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Street Clean Machine

Dear me, I did feel sorry for this guy this morning around 8:50 as I headed up the Donegal Road towards the M1. As I got to the junction of Sandy Row I noticed a bit of a tail back of traffic and right on the junction (traffic lights) in the right hand lane was this piece of junk, Oil running out of it. Not a good place or time to break down (I know how the driver felt, been there done it) what did make me laugh, as I maneuvered around it this smart guy in a black merc thought he would try a fly one and over take my large vehicle and he pulled right up behind the broken down vehicle (which had it's hazard lights running) eventually when the penny dropped and he realised he wasn't going anywhere he tried to change lanes yet again the other motorists were very reluctant to let him back in ..... loads of horn blowing .... I love it.

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