Monday, 1 October 2007

Ye Old Maiden City

How sorry I was to hear of the violence that occurred in the Maiden City, 50 to 100 people were engaged in rioting . I'll not say the name of the city as sure as I'm thin someone will moan no mater what I call it. When I started the blogging at first I made a promise to myself (which I have to break now) that I wouldn't comment on any troubled areas, but the weekend disturbances need a mention.
Yet again ye old police force of this country comes under criticism from some of ye old political parties about their heavy handedness in the handling of the situation. According to police reports, bricks, bottles and paving slabs were being thrown at police and thousands of pounds worth of damage done to property. One question is, should the police be issued with polystyrene batons in case they injure the thugs and hoodlums who are carrying out this criminal damage?. What about ye old parent's ticking off about the police hitting their children? ... The rioting happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, funny the parents didn't care that their offspring's where in a riotous area? ... but hey, what else is new.
Good news though, the police made one arrest, I was wondering if it was the guy parked on the double yellows?

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