Friday, 26 October 2007

The Belfast Wheel

Now we have the Big Wheel is the next step nomination for the 2016 Olympics. What a great place for the Belfast Wheel to be situated, right at the side of our Belfast City Hall. I personally can't wait to go for a spin in it. I can just imagine it, I've always wanted to see the roof of the City Hall , the Ulster Bank and I believe you can see the roof of Argos in Arthur square not to mention all the traffic that pass the City Hall. (This is after you have nearly reached the full height) I'm sure the lough, the Cave Hill, the Waterfront Hall will be easily seen from the top, I'll take my binoculars with me just to make sure. As well as the location haven't they just got the timing perfect, winter. Just think, those few and far between rainy days we get during our winter, I do hope the people pods have wiper's. At least it will be somewhere different to go to get out of the rain.

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