Friday, 22 February 2008

Country Driving

I was always told when walking along country roads to walk facing the oncoming traffic, I don’t think anyone has told the locals between Markethill
View Larger Map and Newtownhamilton.
The road is quite tight in places and the last thing you want to see is a pedestrian on your side of the road who doesn’t know you’re behind them. One was a woman with two small dogs on very long leads. I love animals, but nowhere to go but straight if the dogs suddenly decide to run into the road…. Missus, short lead on the road, Long lead in the field…
On the return journey heading back the Armagh road I met prat of the year… just outside Keady, in a silver 4X4 approaching me at a tight part of the road I slowed down to pass safely when I notice this elderly driver with a young girl on his knee and two pairs of hands on the steering wheel…. Some people just don’t care……

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