Friday, 1 February 2008

Two Out Of Three

I have blogged the last two Fridays about how the local bus drivers seem to have taken pleasant tablets. The Friday drivers have been really friendly over the last couple of weeks.. Today I was actually looking forward to getting the bus home. Standing in the cold I saw the bus coming. It stopped about 25 yards from the bus stop to let the passengers alight (get off). The driver then closed the doors and got his paper out. He sat for about 3 minutes before driving forward to our stop. (3 minutes, what was the point) I got on and give the driver my money for the ticket, I said please and thank you for my ticket but never even got a grunt back. He had a bake on him like a Lurgan spade. I made a point of saying thank you again to him when I was getting off ...... Looks like I got it wrong about the Friday drivers......

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