Sunday, 10 February 2008

National Treasure 2

Went to the Storm Cinema at the Odyssey tonight to see new National Treasure. Great movie, if you liked the first one you’ll also like this one. We paid extra for the VIP screen. We enjoyed the pre movie tea and when we got into VIP screen 2 it was annoying to find out that one of our two recliners was broken. As there were no other available seats we had to take them. To top that a 2+3 family could be heard at the back talking throughout the whole film and they must have had bladder problems as I lost count how many times they disturbed film punters by getting up and going to the loo. Talking about loo’s, they were not the cleanest I have to say. (I waited until the film was over before you ask) I walked out of the loo with something on the bottom of my shoe …. I was relieved to find it was only chewing gum.
Oh yes, complained and got our ticket money refunded....

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