Monday, 28 April 2008

Barking Mad

I arrived home this evening to find one of the large plant pots which sit either side of our front door had smashed..... Off to B&Q for a new one, while there my LSD decided to get a few more solar lights for the rear garden. (There's that many solar lights now, the only fear I have is waking up to a plane sitting in the garden)
We had intended to buy some bark for the top of some pots but forgot, as we came in from B&Q's garden area my LSD said BARK.. So I obliged her by barking, which did not amuse her as there were other people about. Needless to say we came away without a bag of bark. (That's me in the dog house)


wee dolly bird said...

Me thinks your LSD will be calling you an "aul hound dog"...i'd have laughed me leg off..and may have barked back!!As we say in good old Norn Iron-"you're a geg!":+}

Grumpyhead said...

It wasn't the barking that annoyed her; it was the mess I left on B&Qs floor!