Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Last Resort

You have heard of Blackpool, Brighton and Skegness. Well, we have Portstewart (The last resort)
After my cycle walk this morning when I returned home, I showered and got ready to take my lovely little swamp duck out for the day. We went to Slemish garden centre at the Ecos centre Ballymena, then onto Coleraine for a bit of lunch and some shopping. The weather turned out quite nice in the afternoon so we decided to take in Portstewart and Portrush before heading home.
I think Portstewart must be latin for "God's Waiting Room" I was the youngest one there today, I was certainly the youngest driver. As for Portrush someone once said to me "There's nothing worse than being in Portrush on a bad day"
Wait til I tell you "Yes there is, and it's being in Portrush on a good day" I don't think it's changed in years

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