Monday, 7 April 2008

The Waiting Room

I had cause to visit my Doctor today. The waiting room is very modern and because of that, it has a brat area (Sorry play area) If your not sick when you walk in, you are guaranteed at least a sore head by the time you get to see the quack.
This morning despite my sore leg I wasn't feeling too bad until that is the devil child arrived, with it's Ma who's sole interest was playing Deal or no Deal on her Sony Ericsson. She showed no interest whatsoever in her brat who just wanted to pull the area apart. By the time I got to see the medicine man I need a headache tablet.

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Wee Dolly Bird said...

Totally agree with you there!! I also was in the doc's monday,but then was sent to the A+E at the hospital,and trust me dear Grumpyhead,the brats are soo much noisier there..could be the echo i guess...on and off 5+1/2 hrs of that...praise the good LORD for cubicle mercies!!