Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wednesday's Result

Although it's nice to see Manchester United (Luv em or hate em) through to the semi finals in the champion's league, it not a football result I'm on about.
Went to my Slimming World class last night for my weekly motivation and weigh in, I had an another 4 lb off, making my weight loss so far:
4 st 6 lb
(That's: 62 pounds / 992 ounces /28.1 kilos /28123.2 Grams)
Whatever way you wish to look at it.
My ever decreasing little swamp duck (It's a loving term) had another 1b off, so a big well done to her. I need another lb off for next week so I can get my ninth half stone award, and that little bit closer to my next target of 5 st (Wish me luck)


Marjorie Dawes said...

Dust, Anyone?

It's actually very low in fat! So you can have as much dust as you like

Anonymous said...

Amazing weight loss and funny with it