Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm off work this week as I have to rest my injured leg. I'm into my second day off and cabin fever is setting in. My little swamp duck said I'm even more grumpy than normal. (Me grumpy? never)
Have you ever tried resting for a whole day let along a week. (I know it suits quite a lot of lazy people, but not me)
Daytime television, I think it's for those who want to escape reality. I don't care if people want a house in the sun. I don't even care people want to clear their attic out so they can have a night out for their friends. (Most live in a big house and looked well healed anyway) and really, what about the one's who go on TV in front of millions to say their spouse is having an affair with their brother and the dog is having an relationship with the cat. Thank goodness for the off button.
I'm kept busy anyway answering all the telephone calls by all those who care about me (If you believe that)
I have been promised by little swamp duck junior that she will take me to be weighed tomorrow night. (I hope she didn't mean at the weighbridge) I wonder will I'll be lighter if I stand on one leg? (I'll let you know)


Anonymous said...

I ejoy your blog. It brightens my day

Grumpyhead said...

Thank@s for your comment, that brightend my day