Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Toaster Mystery

We got a new toaster in our works canteen (Oops, I mean staff restaurant) It's as slow as a tax rebate (Remember them?) but, it's all that's there if you are looking anything toasted.
The mystery is when you put the bread onto the moving wire frame back to back, why does the first one drop out ten seconds before the second?
Any knowledge brother or sister out there know?
It's nice and shinny though


wee dolly bird said...

Awk they mind me of holidays,your job must just be a big vacation!!lol The second bit is so slow falling out after the first piece...maybs it likes the warmeth? Na!! It's because when the first bit falls off it leaves a gap&thus takes a few seconds to turn that empty section over...'n then the second bit falls off the rolator (approximatly 7-10 seconds) I is waffling x:+}

grumpyhead said...

Oh what a know it all....

wee dolly bird said...

LOL!! Oi you!! It's called sense!!