Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Why I Love Driving

The signs for the diversion (NO left turn at Bedford Street) are still in place even though the road has been OPEN for two days... Another thing that really got up my nose this morning was at the junction of the Oldpark Road and Crumlin Road. There are two lanes, left lane for left turn and right lane for right turn, with a big arrow painted in each lane to depict direction of traffic flow. (Thought I'd go into depth about the lanes and arrows in case a taxi driver is reading this)
I was second car waiting in the left lane (To turn left of course) when this Richard Head of a so called taxi driver passed in the empty right lane and turned LEFT in front of everyone else.
Where was my soul mate to cut him up.....

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wee dolly bird said...

This is soo why I'm so very glad I do not reside in good aul an older, learner driver,I would most likely be parked in the ditch/hardshoulder-(if there's room for one)and would be,"gurning my lamps out"!!Laughing,wether it be nervous or "other" ,may also occur,it's a weakness of mine!!x:+}