Friday, 5 September 2008

Am I In Danger?

Everyone said lose weight, lose weight.. After reading this article on the World Wide Wubbish, I think I've been put in danger because of my weight loss.
(They never told me at fat fighters, there's a down side to losing weight)
The article made me remember, about one night in during our Island's darkest times... I was out a dander (Walk) with some mates, when a drive by shooting occurred very close by, everyone dived over a garden hedge for cover, me, I just ran through it and lay down.
All went real quite, after a couple of minutes one of my mates shouted to me "Are you all right?" I thought for a moment to make sure and shouted my reply...
"If blood smells like diarrhea, I think I've been hit?" (Thank the almighty no one had been)

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