Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A Soul Mate

The traffic around the Blackman (Belfast landmark) for the last few months has been hectic. A lane closure and no left turn @ Bruce street has caused problems as far back as the Blackman. The two lane road has ALWAYS had the righthand lane straight only, since the no left turn @ Bruce street a tail back occurs. TAXI drivers have no reguards for the traffic restrictions or other motorists waiting in the left lane to turn left at the Blackman. They just bypass the queue and expect people to brake while they nip around the outside. This morning I spotted the clampet and knew he was going to nip in. The car in front of me was being driven by an old lady and I thought the taxi will be well away by the time she takes off from the lights. Bless her, she put the boot to the floor and as the taxi tried to cut in front of her she hit the horn and gave him the verbal... (A soul mate) I stopped him getting in as well and indicated to him that he should go straight on in the lane he was in and called him a silly chap. (Or words to that effect) He got into the lane behind me then changed to a lane to the left of me and raced past the queue my soul mate and I where in. He then tried to cut back into our lane and again my soul mate gave him the horn and verbal and stopped him cutting in, as did I on the way past. I would have loved to have shook the hands of my soul grumpyhead driving the car in front. I went to work happy

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wee dolly bird said...

OH MY WORD!! Thats my Nanna!!! Kiddin' ,she'd have rammed his taxi-cab 'n then choked him!!-no joke!!-btw,I'm nothing like her!!lol x:+}