Wednesday, 29 October 2008

OOP's, How Did That Happen

Just back from Slimming World. As I said last week I'm in the business now of trying to keep my weight within a three lb bracket of my target. (7 stone). Slipped up this week. I don't normally weigh myself through the week but I was out last Friday night for a few glasses of wine then home for a wonderful steak dinner and I have to confess I went overboard on the cheesecake (Three slices) then a cheese board, had more of the same on Saturday, coffee and muffins on Sunday. I got on the scales on Sunday and I had two pound ON.
I re-focused and I hit the gym and went swimming Monday, Tuesday and Today hoping to at best maintain (Same weight as last week). What a surprise I got when I got on the scales tonight... Another pound and a half off...

7 Stone 3 and a half lb

That means I've broken the rules as a target member by going a half pound under my allowance.... Need at least a half lb on by next Wednesday. Looks like I'll have to be bad the weekend.... I know.. life can be a bitch at times....

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