Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sign Of The Times

What a time and place we live in. When dung happens there is always someone out there in fantasy land who puts it down to social frustration, broken homes, or (wait for it) there is nothing for the young to do. OK, nothing for them to do? so that's why they steal cars, set them on fire then attack the firefighters who are called to put the fire out, these men put their lives on the line everyday in order to save lives? The nothing to do team broke into an ambulance, damaged it and stole vital equipment.
Then you have the something to do team, who in front of the many young spectators (And of course TV cameras which broadcast the disgraceful scenes nationwide) in the name of their sport bring their true up bringing to the field and display nothing short of "Thugs in boots"
I do hope their sports govern body brings the full weight of the rule book down on them. Violence has no place in our society, especially sport.

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