Monday, 27 October 2008

Scum News

Who said it can't get any worse. Read this article about so called human being who can only be described as scum who attacked two defenceless blind brothers in there own home. "SOMEONE KNOWS WHO CARRIED OUT THIS SAVAGE ACT"
Can't say I'd shed a tear if I saw the scum being paraded to the Police station with a placard around their next saying SCUM
It's made me so cross, my heart goes out to the brothers.......

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wee dolly bird said...

Totally agree,it's an absolute disgrace. Like, we would be so afaid actually seeing those things happen infront of our eyes,I can only imagine the horrific ordeal those lads went thru,not seeing any of it,only hearing it all&then to make it worse attacked them too! Those admirable guys actually decided to live in society,despite their's so sad that some people are so full of badness,that they would "feel the need"to do something as downright evil as that,just for a couple of quid!Bring back national sevice,esp.for those who stand on the streets,parks etc.seemingly having nothing better to do,than drink and smoke whatever&then go and commit crimes!!GRRR!!