Monday, 10 September 2007

Christmas Has Arrived (@ Tesco's)

Took her indoors to Tesco's at Newtownabbey. As soon as I walked inside I was met with shelves full of selection boxes, further down the store came the shelves with all the Christmas puddings stacked on them.It's now Monday the 10th September, that makes it only 105 shopping days til Christmas. Perhaps the Easter eggs will be out on display around November?


Anonymous said...

Sainsburys in Dartford are getting ready for Christmas too! I can't wait to hear the Christmas tunes! "Oh here it is Merry Christmas everybody's having fun"....It is utter maddness. But remember the Summer sales start in February,the Winter sales start in August and the January sales sart in December, when they reduce everything you already bought for Christmas!Karen

Chris S said...

At least that horrible christmas music has not started yet, its unbearable.